Presonus AudioBox 22VSL Review

If you are a producer or a musician who wants to make music on the go, you need something that’s convenient and portable. However, since we are talking about possibly producing your next hit, you should bring something that would not sacrifice the sound quality.

Presonus’ AudioBox 22VSL is a USB 2.0 audio and MIDI interface that takes hardware and software combination to the next level. Together with your computer and the brand’s Virtual StudioLive software, you can perform a multitude of tasks – such as delaying effects and supplementing reverb – without the distracting high latency.


  • 24-bit/96kHzUSB 2.0 audio interface with recording capabilities.
  • Features 2 Class A XMAX microphone and instrument preamps.
  • Features 2 instrument inputs and 2 balanced main outputs.
  • Features minimal latency monitoring with comprehensive signal processing care of Virtual StudioLive.
  • Features over 50 Fat Channel DSP presets.
  • Includes clip lights for all channels.
  • Includes switchable phantom power.
  • Includes MIDI input and output.
  • Made with rugged metal enclosure.
  • Includes Studio One Artist software with infinite track count.


One of the great features of this model is that it significantly minimizes the processing delay in the AudioBox VSL series which leads to reverb, EQ, effects and dynamic processing without discernible delays. It also comes with superb StudioLive 16.0.2 Fat Channel dynamics processors and EQs that producers, recording engineers and pro musicians use in their tracks.

Although the company did not create the initial effects-laden audio interface, they did tons of improvements at a heart-warming price. There are indeed interface companies that have supplemented their interfaces with EQ, compressors and several effects but this particular model includes all those things along with an expander, high-pass filter and limiter.

In addition, the VSL has drag and drop features that make loading, processing and producing preset easier and simpler. Professional quality processing combined with user-friendly features, of course, lead users to greater results and loads of fun music.

This is a convenient, portable and strong model that provides 2 front-panel microphone and instrument combo inputs with global phantom power and also offers 2 line-level outputs. It has a strong and rugged build due to its durable steel case that proves to be beneficial while you are on the road.

The VSL lets users process and mix easily from their desktop computers and offers editor and librarian functions as well so you can make and utilize presets with ease. The company has included a library of over 50 Fat Channel presets that include StudioLive mixers. These presets were produced by professional engineers and musicians and allow users to arrange dynamics processing easily.

The unit comes in a strong and durable steel case that makes it an ideal unit for travel. It would not get damaged easily therefore you can make music without any disruptions. It is an audio interface that operates well with all Windows and Mac audio recording software.


Although the company is known for producing a great line of products, this unit has its own drawbacks. It is not built to accommodate line-level inputs which makes it restricted in terms of connecting keyboards, drum machines, synths and even electric guitars with built-in preamps.


The Presonus AudioBox 22VSL provides an obvious improvement when it comes to sound quality when measured against the majority of desktop computers’ built-in audio interfaces. It comes at a reasonable price and has features that you would typically see in professional recording gear. If you are in need of more inputs, the company has models with such features too such as the 44VSL and the 1818VSL.

This is a sensibly-priced audio interface that beginner musicians should invest in and it does not scrimp when it comes to sound quality. Now you won’t have to deal with inconvenient gadgets to take on the road while recording because this nifty portable unit would help ease your burden.