Best XLR Cables in 2021

We could talk for days about all kinds of gear: consoles, compressors, equalizers, microphone preamps, and audio interfaces – all of these are worthless without something to connect the microphone to the actual gear. Truth be told cables are one of the most overlooked parts of a recording rig and they are actually very important. … Read more

Best Portable Audio Interfaces in 2021

best portable audio interface is the apogee jam

Never have audio interfaces been so portable. In the past moving a recording rig to a new location meant a big rack with preamps and converters and whatnot but I often find myself fitting my whole recording system in a backpack. This portability is quite amazing but some manufacturers took it to the next level … Read more

Best Cheap Audio Interfaces for Guitar in 2021

With the continuous development of cheaper and cheaper decent quality options for musicians out there to use for recording themselves at home, the markets for these products are just booming. I remember my first audio interface to this day – I was 11 and I was extraordinarily curious about recording myself play guitar so I … Read more

Audio Interfaces with the Best Pre-Amplifiers in 2021

Audio interfaces are a sum of parts that act like a Swiss army knife/ multi-tool in more and more home and project studios. They serve as an input and output device, A/D converter, pre-amplification, monitoring and some of them even offer processing capabilities – a studio in a little box. These devices are so good … Read more

Best DAW For Electronic Music Production in 2021

Ableton Live is the best daw for electronic music production

There are a lot of DAW’s out there and they all provide the same tools in different formats. With all major DAW’s you can basically create a song from scratch and do all tasks associated with music production: recording, editing, arranging, mixing and mastering. I think it is safe to say that you can make … Read more