Apogee ONE Review

Are you in need of an audio interface that you can carry along in your pocket? Although the idea seems wild, bear in mind that constant innovations keep the world of technology exciting. That means smaller models of certain gadgets or machines are planned, designed and manufactured by companies every year in order to make their usage and everyday procedures more convenient and easy.

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Apogee Jam Plus - Portable USB Audio Interface for Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Instruments, Works with iOS, MAC OS and Windows PC, Made in USA
  • PRO INSTRUMENT TONE: Jam + is a professional, USB instrument input and stereo output. Connect your electric guitar, bass, acoustic instrument with pickup, dynamic mic, or keyboard to your iOS device or computer and capture every detail in high-quality audio.
  • PUT IT INTO OVERDRIVE: Transform your pristine direct signal into a rich, warm overdrive that can provide everything from a clean boost to a thick distortion in the tradition of the most coveted vintage amps and stompboxes.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO JAM: Included with Jam + is the desktop version of BIAS FX Jam software for FREE from Positive Grid. The bundle includes a premium selection of 3 amps, 6 effects, and a collection of essential pedals. No additional software is needed to plug in and play with professional amp emulations.
  • PRISTINE SOUND QUALITY: Capture every detail with 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution audio.
  • PLUG-N-PLAY: Compatible with Mac, Windows, and any iOS device. No external power is necessary.

*Price from:  2023-09-30 at 05:48 EST

Even audio interfaces keep getting smaller and smaller every year and one such example is the Apogee ONE from the Apogee company.

It is small and designed with a modern appearance and includes a single-channel interface. It has USB connectivity and it also contains an integrated microphone and multi-function encoder knob. The company is known for its strict guidelines when it comes to sound quality thus the ONE provides 24-bit audio with a 48 kHz sample rate and features a microphone preamp with phantom powers of 48V.


  • Includes 2 input and output audio interfaces with integrated microphone.
  • Features USB 2.0 connectivity.
  • Features 24-bit and 96kHz AD/DA conversion.
  • Available in Mac-only and Mac/iOS models.
  • Includes 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs.
  • Features direct monitoring.
  • Features complete input and output control by the brand’s Maestro software.
  • Compatible with Logic X Pro, GarageBand and any Core Audio Application from Mac or iOS.
  • Includes Waves plugins exclusive offers.
  • Made with die-cast aluminum frame.
  • Designed and made in the USA.


This unit is a product of collaboration with the Apple company therefore as you notice, it only operates on Apple devices such as Mac and iOS. It has a single channel for quality audio.

The ONE is a USB-generated device and it includes a dial on its upper exteriors that also serves as an Input Gain dial for indicators being recorded. For playback signals, the unit does include a volume dial. Because of its portable size, standard audio input ports are switched by a cable that includes a modified connector.

Apart from the cable that is located at the end part of the interface, a 1/4-inch jack input and an XLR microphone connector complete the ensemble for instruments connection.

However, remember that only one of those parts can be employed at any rate. The device includes status light that can be found on top of the interface and displays which input is currently at work. It also indicates whether the external microphone options are being taken over by the unit’s own interior mic or if 48v phantom power is being utilized.

This input is installed at the bottom of the unit’s upper exteriors. It provides the easiest method to move sound from the interface to the computer and all users have to do is connect the USB cable and adjust a gain rate.

This is a unit that would highly benefit journalists and podcasters because it offers excellent quality recordings without requiring external microphones. Its portability makes it convenient for traveling. It is pretty easy to handle and offers excellent output. This is also ideal for users who do the majority of their work on their laptops, require playback and want to put in musical instruments or vocal parts.

Customers who have praised the device agreed that it does create one of the most excellent sounds in the business. A number of reviewers also agreed on the fact that it has quality audio signals. It is easy to use as well. It has top-notch input and output, excellent sample rate as well as strong and modern look.


Although they appreciated its sound quality, several customers said that the breakout connector to the microphone and line input is too short. The device was also deemed too expensive by some people.


Musicians and producers who require only a limited input selection would definitely benefit from this audio interface. The Apogee ONE  provides superior sound quality. It is user-friendly and portable so you can travel with it and make music anywhere you are in the world.